Airlines need to stop treating air travel as a commodity and dominate the travel planning process.

Finding the Path to Fix Airline Retail

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The modern day airlines website is to sell and to gather information from their customers. This report encourages airlines to move from a transaction focus to become robust retailers of travel.  Here are some of the findings and recommendations from the report:

  • Some airlines, such as Allegiant in the US and in the UK, have websites that entice robust holiday bookings. For example, package holiday passengers represent 48.3% of all passengers.
  • But the results disclosed by JetBlue in the US exemplify typical results for airlines.  Among all customers buying air travel directly from JetBlue, approximately 1.4% book a JetBlue Vacation.
  • To compete online, airlines should establish a presence at every step in a travel storytelling process from choosing to travel, inspiration, and taking action.  They need to make a much greater effort if they wish to be thought of as trusted resources for travel inspiration.

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